Lunar Tools

January 2023

We are open sourcing Lunar Tools, a repository in which you’ll find a diverse range of tools tailored for AI artists and developers. There’s a feature that makes recording and saving audio files a breeze, ideal for those who frequently work with sound. Another tool simplifies interactions with web cameras, handling everything from initialization to image capture, which is particularly useful for projects that integrate live visual data. For those using MIDI devices like AKAI boards, there’s a specialized utility that eases the process of mapping and controlling these devices in various creative applications. Additionally, there’s a tool that employs OpenGL for rapid and efficient image rendering, a boon for projects demanding high-performance graphics. Lastly, the toolkit includes a ZMQ wrapper that enhances interprocess message passing, ensuring smooth and reliable communication between different processes or applications, an essential aspect for more complex projects. We’re inviting everybody to use and contribute to our tool collection!