Live-Stream of the Concert

Ambient Jam #5

June 2020
Location: Schlachthaus Tübingen

The human brain fuses information from different sensory pathways into one joint perception. The link between our auditory and visual systems is especially powerful and reflects an evolutionary legacy, which is millions of years old. Critically, this interconnection granted us and our ancestors a much better understanding of our environment: merging two noisy channels allowed one clear perception. Therefore we are able to see sounds, for instance, we can see the rustling of leaves in the trees.

Can we hijack this mechanism to make auditory signals visible? Is it possible to force our brain to merge the pathways together? How does visual information need to be presented, so that it creates a joint space of perception together with the music?

To investigate such synaesthetic questions, we performed a concert together with the musical artists Timo Dufner, Michael Hollingshead, and Rolle&Korb, combining electronic experimental sounds with moving visuals.

Contributing Lunar Ring Members: Alexander Loktyushin, Niklas Fricke, Johannes Stelzer