Resonance space of expressionist painters.

Interactive artwork, merging the creativity of our visitors, the expressionists and artificial intelligence.

About a new form of collaboration between humans and machines (In German).

Wer malt denn da?

May 2020
 – June 2020

We developed the two works “1902 – 2012” and “Wer malt denn da?”  (Who is painting there?) for an exhibition in the Kunsthalle Tübingen.

In the work “1902 – 2012” our AI interprets expressionist paintings and presents them as a flowing, continuously changing stream of visual consciousness. Works by Franz Marc, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Max Pechstein, Asger Jorn and other expressionists are liquified in the virtual space and repainted through themselves. This creates a resonance space, where memories and impressions of the visitor unfold and reconnect to form new associations.

The second work, Wer malt denn da? enables a new way of creative interaction between AI and humans. We invited the visitors to get creative on site and paint their own pictures. Our AI repainted the submitted pictures through impressionist masters. In total close to 200 visitors – young and old – have created their own works, which gradually flowed into the exhibition and were shown in front of the painting table as further inspiration. This way we let a new form of creativity between humans and machines emerge, blending the creativity of our visitors, the expressionist masters and artificial intelligence.

Contributing Lunar Ring Members: Niklas Fricke, Alexander Loktyushin, Mirko Franjic, Johannes Stelzer