March 2021
 – June 2022

We developed two works 1902 – 2012 and Mal mit mir!  (paint with me!) for the Herzstücke exhibition at the Kunsthalle Tübingen.

The Herzstücke exhibition presents 70 expressionist masterpieces from the collections of Henri Nannen und Otto van de Loo from the Kunsthalle Emden. Visitors experience the emotionally powerful and sensual works from Franz Marc, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Max Pechstein, Asger Jorn. As a response to these wonderful art pieces we prepared the work 1902 – 2012: the core idea is to open a resonance space of the exhibition, where the paintings are liquefied and crossed with each other via creative AI. The work highlights the interplay between memory and imagination and is shown as a sculpture using a semi-transparent screen.

Our second work with the title Mal mit mir! extends expressionism into a participatory dimension. We invite visitors to draw a sketch on a whiteboard and to choose one of the four emotions “happy”, “sad”, “angry” and “fearful” via a button. On the screen next, our creative intelligence colors the drawing on the basis of the chosen emotion. This complex transformation is based on the knowledge of hundreds of millions of image and text pairs from the internet, where the AI gathered a multi-modal understanding of our visual concepts. The result of the creative cooperation between humans and machines can be printed as a postcard.