Deep See

We live in a multimodal world in which different senses merge to form an overall impression. When we think of a flower meadow, we not only see the flowers, but smell their scent and hear the buzzing of the bees.

New approaches from AI research are taking the same approach, networking multiple modalities. For example, a shared space is created between images and semantics. The work Deep See explores this new form of networking. Linguistic counterpoints map this shared space and can be directly controlled by the visitors via rotary knobs. They thus dive even deeper into the association process of the AI. This exchange directly and intuitively reveals the amazing parallels of thought systems between humans and machines.

The typewriter as part of the old, analog world is not just a toy. It symbolizes how the new world emerges from the old. In the past, new, fascinating worlds were created with the typewriter at the desk. Today, we have possibilities in the creation of these worlds that we can only guess at their outlines. That’s because creative AI is not just a fascinating new tool. Creative AI is becoming a partner with powerful capabilities of its own. Together, this creates new spaces for thinking and imagining – as an ecosystem for innovation.

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