VR Experience Latent Space I

Latent Space I

Latent Space 1 was an artistic glimpse into the future of digital therapeutics, drawing out the inner thoughts of visitors to create unique experiences. Presented at the Metamersion exhibition at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in early 2023, this project was a collaboration between Lunar Ring, André Gonçalves, Tupac Martir and Mots.

The installation began with an encounter at an old computer terminal, where visitors engaged in a conversation with an AI simulating the philosopher Alan Watts. In this brief, approximately five-minute interaction, the AI seeked to get an understanding of each visitor’s dreams and aspirations.

Building on these conversations, the installation employed large language models to reflect and analyze the chat, transforming into intermediate analysis and representations of the dreams. Following this, the materials are rendered into dream-like visuals using our latent blending technique.

The experience extract of this process was presented in a virtual reality environment, immersively surrounding the visitors with a visual representation of their thoughts and dreams, including a poetic narration in the voice of Alan Watts and a uniquely generated music track.

Contributing Lunar Ring Members: Gonçalo Guimar, Anna Taphorn, Zachary Mainen, Johannes Stelzer, Niklas Fricke, Alexander Loktyushin