Diffuse me!

September 2022
Location: Startup BW Summit 2022, Stuttgart

Exploring the depths of identity and self-perception reveals the complex mosaic of who we are and who we imagine ourselves to be. Diffuse Me ventured into this intricate interplay.

At its core was an old-fashioned telephone, setting the stage for a journey through a world where technology and nostalgia meet. By speaking into the phone, visitors engaged with AI to visually embody a persona they envisioned, blending their appearance with imagined characteristics.

The exhibit was a reflective piece on the interplay between human creativity and AI, using the telephone as a metaphor for connecting different facets of oneself across time. It invited visitors to contemplate their identity and the collaborative potential between human and machine intelligence.

Contributing Lunar Ring Members: Mirko Franjic, Anna Taphorn, Niklas Fricke, Johannes Stelzer, Alexander Loktyushin