About us

We share passion and curiosity for the outerworldy universes imagined by artificial intelligence. Our mission is to explore these worlds, and we invite you to join our quest for beauty and rethinking reality. At the core of our work is the intersection between human and machine intelligence. Are we programming the machine or is the machine programming us?

Fractals melt clouds

"Clouds are not spheres", argued Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry. They have an inherently fractal structure. Here, we aim to build on to emphasize the fractal nature of clouds by fractalizing them further.


Kandinsky melts Kandinsky

In front of our eyes the masterpieces of Vasily Kandinsky morph into new incarnations of themselves. We encourage the AI to express his paintings by drawing one painting with the other. The result invites the observer on a journey through Kandinsky's magical forms, shapes and colors reinterpreted by AI.


Impressionists melt Schönbuch

An impressionistic journey through time and space of our beloved forest near the city of Tübingen. Let this forest and its wonders bloom and be our source of inspiration and energy!