• We explore new forms of creativity between humans and AI


Interactive AI exhibits and performances.


Experiments and exploration.

Lunar Ring AI Art Collective Lunar Ring from Tübingen

About us

We are united by curiosity and fascination radiated by an ever faster developing artificial intelligence. By approaching the topic from an artistic and creative perspective, we aim to understand the profound processes that are transforming our world with an extent and velocity that has never been seen before. Our inspiration and creativity arise from opening a space of exchange between us and artificial intelligence. 

Our journey began in Tübingen, Germany, in 2019, where Lunar Ring was founded by Alexander Loktyushin, Johannes Stelzer, Niklas Fricke and Mirko Franjic. Recently, the center of gravity of our operations has become Lisbon, Portugal, where we were joined by Gonçalo Guiomar, Zachary Mainen and Fatemeh Molaei. Lunar Ring transcends individual identities, thriving on the free flow of ideas and their synergy with artificial intelligence.

Our approach is rooted in the exploration of AI as a form of digital psychedelics, offering new dimensions of perception and altering our minds. We see ourselves as a creative hub, which yields exploration and new forms of experience that we make accessible to the public.

We engage with cutting-edge AI technology, including generative adversarial networks, neural rendering, diffusion networks, neural style transfer, autoregressive language models. Our main focus is to create real-time installations that not only captivate but also immerse audiences in the depth of AI-generated reality. With a strong commitment to open-source development, we aim to democratize access to AI’s hidden realms of imagination. Lunar Ring is on a mission to uncover AI’s potential and share these discoveries with the world, inviting everyone to join us at the intersection of technology, creativity, and exploration of the unknown.