• We explore new forms of creativity between humans and AI


Interactive AI exhibits and performances.


Experiments and exploration.
Lunar Ring AI Art Collective Lunar Ring from Tübingen

About us

We are united by curiosity and fascination radiated by an ever faster developing artificial intelligence. By approaching the topic from an artistic and creative perspective, we aim to understand the profound processes that are transforming our world with an extent and velocity that has never been seen before. Our inspiration and creativity arise from opening a space of exchange between us and artificial intelligence.

Lunar Ring was founded in Tübingen, Germany, in 2019 by Alexander Loktyushin, Johannes Stelzer, Mirko Franjic and Niklas Fricke. However, Lunar Ring, is less about individuals but rather about the free circulation of ideas and their interaction with artificial intelligence. We see ourselves as a creative reactor, combining exploration and realization.

Our work is created through intensive confrontation with the latest AI developments from academia, such as generative adversarial networks, neural rendering, neural style transfer and autoregressive language models.

We are only at the beginning of our journey. Our mission is to delve deeper into the hidden imaginations of AI and to make our findings and experiences accessible to everyone.

 Lunar Ring is a journey that changes us – every day